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Meals at Balmain Care for Kids

At Balmain Care for Kids we provide a healthy, balanced diet for all children and always encourage healthy eating habits.

We provide 5 meals for the children throughout the day at our services. They include;

Nutrition » healthy and balanced

(Before 8am)

Wholemeal toast, raisin toast and/or Fruit

Nutrition » healthy and balanced

Morning Tea

A mid-morning snack that consists of a selection of fruit as well as a savoury snack. (e.g. cheese and biscuits, muffins, sandwiches)

Nutrition » healthy and balanced


A hot meal is always served at lunch

Nutrition » healthy and balanced

Afternoon Tea

A mid-afternoon snack that consists of a selection of fruit as well as a savoury snack.

Nutrition » healthy and balanced

Late afternoon snack (Around 5pm)

A savoury snack for the children who need a little something to keep them going until dinner time.

Drinks – Children are offered the option of water or milk throughout the day.

All hot food is prepared by a catering company, called Kids Gourmet Foods (KGF), and they specialise in Child Care Centre meals. These meals are delivered to the centre fresh every day and do not contain any preservatives or nuts,

Kids Gourmet Food will cater to all dietary, intolerance and allergy requirements so please ensure that you inform the Director of any requirements your child has prior to the commencement of their enrolment.

Balmain Care for Kids is strictly a “nut free” organisation and to properly monitor this we ask that parents do not bring any food products into the centres. This helps us reduce the risk of children having an allergic reaction, as we have a number of children with life-threatening allergies that attend our service.

Nutrition » healthy and balanced
Nutrition » healthy and balanced

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