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Treasures from home

Toys, jewellery and trinkets from home can be lost or broken if brought to the centre. Therefore, we strongly discourage children from bringing these in, and ask you to encourage your child to leave them at home.

A cuddly toy for rest time is fine. Interesting specimens and objects such as rocks, shells, flowers, bird’s nests etc, or photos of family/special events are always welcome. If items are brought in from home the children can share them with their peers at news time and then put them safely back in their bags.

War Toy Free Zone

Balmain Care for Kids is a “War Toy Free Zone” (including action heroes e.g. Batman, Spiderman etc) because: War toys teach children to accept war and violence as a normal part of life. War toys increase the aggression children show towards one another. War toys make children think that destructive activities are fun and acceptable.

War toys are manufactured and marketed for profit and not for the welfare of children. War toys are often linked with violent television shows and cartoons, which only add to their negative effect on children. Our programme aims to provide children with activities that encourage them to think and be creative without being violent.