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Parents And Guardians

Persons collecting your child

A child can only be released into the care of either a parent, a guardian, or a responsible person (when approved by the parent in writing). This will only include persons nominated as Emergency Contacts, persons nominated as Authorised to Collect on the enrollment, or persons nominated to collect the child on specific occasions.

Parents must inform staff personally if anyone other than a parent will collect their child. You may update any information about people who can collect your child at any time via an email.

In the case of an emergency one-off permission may be given by sending an email or phoning your centre directly. Only the parent or legal guardian of a child can give this permission, messages will not be accepted from any other person.
The person collecting the child must be over the age of 18 years and be able to produce proof of identity. Staff have a duty of care to your child and therefore are unable to allow adults under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs to collect your child. In the event a parent or other person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs another person on the Authority to collect list may be contacted to collect your child.
The centre can only permit a person to collect your child if they have written permission from you (Which can be in the form of an email).The centres hours of operation relate directly to the terms of the licence and insurance policies. Therefore caring for children outside normal hours means that we may be in breach of the Child Care Regulations, which is a serious offence.
The parent or their representative is responsible for completing the Child Care Attendance Record by noting the time the child arrived or left and then signing their name. It is extremely important that this is completed on each arrival and departure as this record is used to determine which children are in care in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire, evacuation or lock-down. The parent or their representative is responsible for checking the daily information summary each day. If a ‘see staff’ note appears on the sign-in sheet next to your child’s name please approach a staff member before leaving.This note means that we have some important information to pass onto you.

Please also check daily:
Communication is mainly transmitted via emails.
Please empty your child’s bag area each day.

When entering or leaving the centre, please make sure that the child safety gates have been closed properly.
Please discourage your child or older siblings from opening the gate themselves and swinging or hanging on the gate.
Siblings need to be supervised by you during this drop off and pick up time. Older siblings are not permitted to play on outside equipment due to WH&S reasons.
Please do not drop your child off before the centre opens, our insurance covers us strictly for our official opening hours and we unfortunately will not be able to allow you into the centre prior.

Please make sure you arrive to pick up your child 10 minutes before your centre closes for the day. This gives you time to speak to staff about your child’s day, pack up their belongings and be ready to leave before the centre has closed for the day. Two staff members are required to stay behind until you arrive. Please also consider that staff have other responsibilities outside of work. If you are late to pick up your child, a late fee will be charged. Please call the centre if you are going to be late so staffing can be arranged.

Parents are responsible for informing the centre if they are unable to arrange collection of the child before the centre shuts. At this time staff will attempt to contact the parents by phone. If this is unsuccessful, staff will then phone the Emergency Contacts listed on the child’s enrolment form to arrange collection of the child.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate speaking to your centre Director