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Parents And Guardians

Persons collecting your child

A child can only be released into the care of either a parent, a guardian, or a responsible person which is to be outlined on the child’s enrolment documents or OWNA application.

Staff have a duty of care to your child and therefore are unable to allow adults under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs to collect your child. In the event a parent or other person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs another emergency contact for the child is to collect your child instead.

The centre’s hours of operation relate directly to the terms of the licence and insurance policies. Therefore caring for children outside normal operation hours means that we may be in breach of the Child Care Regulations, which is a serious offence.

The person responsible for collecting the child is responsible for completing the time the child arrived and left for each day of their attendance on the digital sign-in/out system through the OWNA application. It is extremely important that this is completed on each arrival and departure as this record is used to determine which children are in care in the event of an emergency situation such as a fire, evacuation, or lock-down.

When entering or leaving the centre, please make sure all doors and gates are closed properly. Please do not allow children and siblings to open centre gates and doors.

In the event a child is left after hours at the centre and the parents and emergency contacts cannot be reached, The Department of Education & Communities, or the Police will be notified. On the advice of The Department of Education & Communities the child may then be released into the care of the Police.

For further information, including age requirements of persons collecting children, please refer to our Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation Policy