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Your Child

What to bring

A small bag with child’s name on the outside containing the items as suggested below:

Friendly tip: Label all items coming from home with your child’s name, to ensure that any lost property arrives back home.


0-3 age group

3-5 age group


All clothing, footwear, bag etc. need to be clearly labelled, so that staff can return all items to their correct owner. Lost property is located on the front deck. Please check this regularly. Items not collected will be given to charity after a period of 1 month.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing that is easily removed for toileting and suitable for running, climbing, painting and playing in materials such as sand, water etc.

Make sure your child is also wearing safe, comfortable shoes.

Parents are also requested to apply SPF30+ broad-spectrum water resistant sunscreen to their children before they arrive at the centre each morning. One hat will be provided at the time of enrollment and remains at the preschool so it is not lost or forgotten.

We advise that singlet type tops are not to be worn. In summer, this choice of clothing is inappropriate as children are more exposed to the sun. Please see our Sun Protection Policy on our website or at the back of this handbook for more information