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Policies & Procedures

All the information you need to know about Balmain Care for Kids is available in the following documents. Click on the links to download or view:

Acceptance and Refusal of Authorisation


Arrival and Departure Policy


Child Protection Policy


Confidentiality Policy


Dealing with Parent Complaints, Grievance Procedure and Feedback


Determine the Responsible Person Policy


Emergency and Evacuation Policy


Enrolment, Orientation and Attendance Policy


Excursions Policy


Fee Policy


First Aid Policy


Governance and Management of the Service policy


Hygiene and Infection Control Policy


Immunisation, Exclusion, Notifiable Diseases and General Health Policy


Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy


Infectious Diseases Policy


Interactions with Children Policy


Management of Medical Conditions and Illnesses policy


Nutrition, Food, Beverages, Dietary Requirements Policy


Privacy Collection Statement


Privacy and Confidentiality Statement


Providing a Child Safe Environment Policy


Sleep and Rest Times Policy


Staff Code of Conduct policy


Sun Protection Policy


Supervision Policy


Volunteer and Students Policy


Water Safety policy