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Our Centre

Our philosophy

At Balmain Care for Kids we believe that children learn through experimenting and interacting with the environment that surrounds them.


All our activities allow children to explore and experiment, imitate and ask questions to further develop their thinking and problem solving skills. Our planning will be based around the national curriculum, Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and will be embedded into our everyday practise.Balmain Care for Kids provides experiences through play, hands-on experience, modelling and imitating.


It is important that educators provide a space for all children that is safe, happy and they are well cared for.
These experiences nurture each child in acquiring a love for learning. It is important to see the child as a whole and develop all aspects of the child’s physical, emotional, social, creative, cognitive and language.

The staff at Balmain Care for Kids provide a stimulating and friendly atmosphere.
Children are provided with a positive, safe and caring environment that meets their individual needs.
We believe that a balance between intentional teaching and play-based activities is essential to children’s learning and fosters every aspect of the “whole child”:



It is important that we embrace each family’s expectations and circumstances by respecting their views regardless of gender, race, cultural background, religious beliefs and intellectual or physical ability. Parents are, and always will be the primary influence over their child. It is our responsibility to work with parents, as partners towards achieving individual goals for their children.