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At Balmain Care for Kids we provide a healthy, balanced diet for the children and encourage healthy eating habits.

Breakfast is provided for all children who arrive at the centre before 8.00 a.m. The children receive morning and afternoon teas which may include such items as rice cakes/corn thins, cheese and biscuits, muffins, sandwiches,lebanese breads, dips, vegetable sticks and always served with fruit. All drinks including milk(full cream, soy or rice) and water are provided throughout the day.There is always a hot meal served at lunchtime.
All food is prepared by a catering company specialising in child care centre meals and does not contain any preservatives. These meals are delivered to the centre fresh every day. The menu is always displayed in all of the rooms however is also available on this website. Please ensure that you inform the Director of any allergies or diet restrictions your child may have at the time of enrolment as we can cater for all food allergies and intolerances. Balmain Care for Kids also has a Nut Free Policy. Please do not send any food in with your child or products that contains nuts or traces of nuts due to the large number of children with allergies.
Anaphylaxis is the most acute and serious form of allergy.