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It’s the first day – What to expect

It is natural for both parents and their children to have difficulty parting from each other, particularly when they have not previously been parted for any length of time. Each child’s experience of starting Balmain Care for Kids is different and while some children eagerly join right in, other children need a longer time to adjust.

Rest assured your child will be fine. In a matter of a few week things will calm down for your child and of course for yourself as well!


Here are a few suggestions we hope will help make settling in your child easier:



Some extra tips!

If you are having difficulty separating from your child, please let one of our staff know so that they can quickly comfort your child and allow you to go. If your child is quite distressed during your routine and will not be comforted, it is generally better not to stay too long.


Children generally settle in the first few minutes after parents leave and staying only prolongs the period that your child is distressed. Allow our staff to guide you. Staff saying “Give Dad a kiss and a cuddle” or “It’s time for Mum to go to work now” is giving you cues that now is probably a good time to go.


If you are ever worried during the day please feel free to ring us at anytime. All the phones are linked to the main office, so we can easily transfer you to the rooms. The settling in process can sometimes be just as upsetting for the parent and a phone call may ease your mind. Likewise, if we feel your child is not coping with their day we will ring you.


Helpful hints

Other ways to help your child to settle into care is for them to bring in a photo of their family and display with others. This can be discussed and shown at group time.


If your child experiences any difficulty or if you notice something in particular that helps, please talk to one of our staff. Each child is an individual who may need to be given help and support so that they can feel happy and secure at the centre. We want the experience to be a positive one for both you and your child.