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Child protection

Child Protection

Each staff member at Balmain Care for Kids is a mandatory child protection reporter. This means that all staff are required by law to report any suspicious of child abuse to the Department of Community services. For further information please see the Child Protection Guidelines or speak to the Director or Authorised Supervisor.



All staff are aware that confidentiality of all matters must be maintained at all times. Staff cannot give out any details contained in children’s records to any other parent or discuss details of any child who has caused injury to other children at the Balmain Care for Kids. Parents are assured that any information shared with a staff member will remain confidential.


Evacuation & Lockdown

Staff at the centre practice the evacuation & lockdown procedure with the children every three months. The procedures for these are located in the office and have been checked and approved by the Emergency Services. All procedures are done in a calm and positive manner. An evaluation of evacuation & lockdown is completed after each practice session.