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Child Care Benefit / Child Care Rebate


Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR)

Upon enrolment of your child, parents are responsible for contacting the Family Assistance Office (Phone No. 136 150) to be issued with a Centrelink Reference Number (CRN) for both you and your child. You will then need to provide these numbers to Balmain Care for Kids (there is a space for these on your enrolment form if you already have the numbers).


When applying for CCB, you will need to provide the Family Assistance Office with the name of the centre. This is a means tested benefit and will be based on your family income.
Once you have applied for CCB, a letter will be sent to you that will state the percentage of Child Care Benefit that you are eligible for.


Please note:


CCB is based on a Government approved hourly fee, not on our centre fee. Therefore, it can be complicated to work out what your reduced fee will be. 100% Childcare Benefit does not mean you do not pay at all. Our Child Care Management System (CCMS) links directly to the Family Assistance DEEWR system. Through weekly updates, DEEWR will automatically apply your allowable percentage directly into our fee system and reduce your fee accordingly.


Child Care Rebate (CCR)

Child Care Rebate is a non-means tested payment Federal Government initiative to assist working families with the cost of child care. Balmain Care for Kids is an approved child care service for this rebate, therefore parents can claim CCR for care used in long day care if they meet the eligible criteria. Your care usage will be reported weekly to the Family Assistance Office. The rebate is 50% of your fees, up to $7,500 per financial year. CCR is always paid in arrears either directly to the centre reducing your daily fees or to the families depending on what option you select.


Parents who also receive CCB have a responsibility to report changes to the Family Assistance Office. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the centre with CRN numbers to receive CCR. In order to receive all benefits and rebates you must sign and initial attendance records daily to show when your child starts care (‘time in’) and finishes care (‘time out’).