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Casual care, swapping and withdrawal

Casual Care & Swapping Days

Balmain Care for Kids offers casual days if there is availability. Unfortunately we do not offer swap days.

Withdrawal from Care

When a child is to be withdrawn from care, the parent must give six weeks notice in writing; this can be done via email. During this period, fees are still payable.


When a child is to be withdrawn from care after the start of term 4 of the school year (e.g. October), fees must still be paid till the end of the year.


Notice of withdrawal will be accepted during the normal opening hours of Balmain Care for Kids, but will not be accepted during the centres week close down over the Christmas period. The notice of withdrawal is effective from the date it is lodged with the centre


NB: You only are entitled to receive subsidies; such as, CCB and/or CCR up until your child’s last physical presence at the centre. If your child is absent from care on the last day/s of care, Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) will not be paid – This is called Cessation of Care and is mandated by the Family Assistance Office (FAO). Parents will be billed for the full cost of care for this period as per government guidelines for Child Care Benefit and Rebates.