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“We haven't got to know Elvira as well but she is always very friendly and seems to know all the kids. Gee she works hard with the laundry and cleaning! Thanks so much for keeping things ticking over!”

Feedback about our Floater and Educator, Elvira, from the Nursery Centre

“Thank you for being Fraser's safety net at day care - he is always comforted knowing you are there! He tells everyone about you and smiles when we talk about you at home. Fraser loves your playful and caring ways. Thanks for taking him through Bilbies and popping in to visit him in Echidnas!”

Feedback about our Educator, Ani, From the Baby Bilbies room

“In terms of some feedback for you and the team, we couldn’t be more happy with the experience we’ve had so far at BCFK. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and Seema and her team have done a great job in helping Juliet (and Natalie and I) get settled into life at Nursery. This is her 4th week and we’ve already noticed a marked improvement in our drop offs. We even had no tears yesterday and today! She seems to be enjoying herself and she’s been coming home to us in a lovely mood at the end of each day, which is so nice for us.”

Rahat, Juliet Khan’s dad from the Kookaburras

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